To see or eat a macaroon in your dream is a complete experience. You are successful in balancing different aspects of your life.


To dream of eating macaroni symbolizes comfort and ease. Perhaps the dream is trying to take you back to a time when things were much simpler.


Seeing, walking, or traveling on a tarmac road in your dream suggests that you are on dry land. You have laid a solid foundation for a lot of success in your life.


To see or eat M&M’s in your dream symbolizes the small but sweet rewards of life. More directly, M&M’s can represent the initials of two people in your waking life.

To dream of being a M&M’s speaking giant suggests that you are feeling misled or taking advantage of it. Maybe you feel like you’re someone you’re not to please others.


Seeing or eating lard in your dream suggests that you need to be vigilant in removing negativities from your life. Alternatively, the dream represents your worries about food and health issues.


To see or use a laptop in your dream represents your need to reach out and communicate with others under all circumstances.

To dream that your laptop is lost or stolen indicates that you are relying too much on your social network. You must try to do according to your skills and your merits.


Seeing a lapis lazuli in your dream suggests that no one is perfect. You have to accept yourself with your imperfections. Look inside yourself and your inner strength. Alternatively, the dream represents success, wisdom, and divine power.

Lap Dance

Giving or performing a lap dance in your dream suggests that you may be suppressing your sexual desires. Perhaps you feel inhibited from discussing your sexual pleasures.

To see or receive a lap dance in your dream indicates your need for a little more excitement in your sex life. Or are you looking for some privacy.


Noticing your belly in your dream implies opportunities or problems. It also refers to loneliness and loss.

To dream of sitting on someone’s lap represents your search for stability and security.

To dream of keeping someone on your lap signifies your attention and your nature. Alternatively, the dream implies that you are open to criticism.


To see or carry a lantern in your dream represents the feelings and the wisdom radiating within you. These qualities will serve to guide you through the journey of life.