Cape Dream Meaning – Top 3 Dreams About Cloaks and Capes

Did you dream about the cape? To dream that you are wearing cape points to mystery and trying to shield yourself. You wish to cover up and hide something about yourself. Perhaps you are not willing to reveal your true emotions because you are afraid of getting hurt. Below we will note more dreams about capes.

Table of Content

Dream About Using Cape as Disguise or Costume

To dream that you are wearing a cape; suggests that you are a strong feeling of confidence in your abilities.

Dreaming that someone else is wearing a cape; suggests that he or she will be highly redeemed or trustworthy in waking life.

If you dream about someone in a mask and wearing a cape like a superhero or a thief; it suggests that someone is doing actions that wish to remain hidden.

Dream About Special Powers with Cape

To dream that you have a special power when you wear a cape; represents an aspect of your personality that will soon propel and motivate you. Think about the types of powers that you obtain. Perhaps you will impress others with certain hidden talents.

Consider the type of powers that you get in the dream. Wearing a cape while performing impossible actions can also point to an inflated ego. You are showing off your impressive ability. You wish to be recognized for your actions or achievements.