Butter Dream Meaning – Top 10 Dreams About Butter

Did you dream about Butter? To see butter in your dream suggests that you are looking to be gratified in the area of your life. Consider the different types of foods that you are using butter on. Take note of the setting and the people with whom you may be sharing the food within the dream. The dream will indicate areas of life where you need to indulge yourself in pleasure. Find more dream interpretations about butter here.

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Dream About Using or Eating Butter

To eat butter sparingly with other foods suggests that you will experience good health and fortune in the future. However, eating a stick of butter directly suggest that you have been overly indulgent in your lifestyle. It may be time to dial back before you experience serious health and other financial troubles.

Cooking with Butter
To cook with butter recipes suggest that you will have influential friendships that affect your business decisions. Perhaps you will start a new business, and friends will loan you money to fund your operation.

Melting Butter
To dream that you are melting butter or that the butter has melted implies that you need to soften your attitude.

Spreading and Putting Butter on Food
The dream may be a metaphor that you need to ease the tough situation by “buttering” up to someone.

Dream About Other Butter Related Dreams

Butter Knife
Seeing or using a butter knife to cut through butter in your dream signifies easiness and simplicity; you have things easy and cutting through your tasks. However, if you use the butter knife on any object other than butter, it suggests that you are not using the right tools. You are ineffective with your strategy. You lack important knowledge and insight and miss vital information or strategy.