Bush Dream Meaning – Top 15 Dreams About Bush

Did you dream about the bush? To see bush represents hidden emotions and desires. You are letting your emotions hide and presenting themselves in plain sight. However, other people have trouble noticing your true feelings. The dream suggests that your thoughts and opinions are often overlooked because they are seemingly common and standard. It could also be a reference to the female genitalia. Consider the types of bush and your interactions with the bush to get better dream meanings.

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Dream About Actions with Bushes

Burning Bush Fire
To see a burning bush fire in the dream; points to some kind of future warning. You will receive divine warnings as detailed in the bible. Watch out for little signs of troubles, as they could grow into big disasters.

Cutting Bushes
To dream that you are cutting down or clearing bushes with scissors or saws; foretell that you will work to get rid of potential obstacles. You will take steps to prevent problems from arising. Tear down the weak links at the source. Perhaps you will make adjustments to your thought process so that you could take on more tasks.

Defecating in the Bush
To see that you are pooping or defecating in the bush; points to a secret stash of money that you are hiding. Perhaps you have certain business ideas or thoughts. But you are not ready to go public with them yet. You are keeping the project small and unnoticed. Testing out the business on a smaller scale first.

Hiding in a Bush
Hiding in a bush in the dream suggests that you are keeping a secret. You are seeking protection from being open about your thoughts. However, the dream hints that people around you might notice something is going on. They cannot pinpoint what it is though. You are pretending that everything is fine.

Dream About Bush Related Terms

Bush Road
To see the bush road for lumbering or mining in the dream; foretells that you will find some vulnerabilities or weaknesses that allow you to profit. Perhaps you will find an opening in business or your career path. If used right, you will be able to push your business to a whole new level.