Breast Dream Meaning – Top 16 Dreams About Boobs

Did you dream about breasts? To see breasts in your dream symbolize nourishment and your need for someone to nurse and care for you. If you are a man and sees breasts in your dream, it indicates sexual arousal and raw energy. It can indicate anxieties about becoming a mother who is going to nurse her infant for a woman. Below are some more scenarios and dream interpretations for seeing breasts or interacting with them in the dream.

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Dream About Actions with Breasts

The breastfeeding dream represents motherhood, nurture, and infantile dependency. Perhaps you are planning about getting pregnant or have become a mother recently.

Breast Milk Leaking
Dreaming about your breast milk leaking indicates that you feel giving more than you are receiving.

Breast Bleeding
To dream about breast bleeding with blood suggests exhaustion from being a parent or a nurturing role in your life.

Kissing Breast
Kissing the breast in the dream suggests a new flow of sexual feelings. It suggests that you have started a new romantic relationship recently.

Touching Breast
Dreams about touch someone’s breast suggests that you might be ready to move your relationship to the next level.