Bra Dream Meaning – Top 12 Dreams About Bra

Did you dream about bras? Bra in dreams signifies underlying support and protection. Consider the circumstances and contexts of bra wearing in the dream and how you generally feel about it. You may interpret your bra-related dreams differently. Below are some of the most common bra dream interpretation reads and meanings.

Table of Content

Dream About Wearing Bra

Dream About Wearing Bra Only
If the dream features you wearing a bra only without any other clothing, it represents that you are impressionable and vulnerable. You are showing all of your cards and inner thoughts without being able to shield and hide any. That weakness makes it easy to be influenced and manipulated by others in your life.

Dream About Trying On a Bra
Dreaming about trying a bra on at a store foretells that you will try to find comfort in an unpleasant situation. Take some time, even though you might not be comfortable during this stage. Be careful not to make any mistakes before you decide.

Dream About Not Wearing Bra
To dream about not wearing a bra during a serious situation or meeting indicates no discipline or control over the situation. However, if the dream features a casual meeting or date, it reflects your sexual nature.

Dream About Forgetting to Wear Bra
Dreaming about forgetting to wear your bra in a rush hint that you do not feel physically and mentally connected to your relationship anymore. You are losing those touch through the routine life.

Dream About Uncomfortable Bra

Dream About Bra Too Tight
Dreams of a bra that is too tight foreshadow imminent conflict. Others will ask you to tighten your opinions and expressions, and you will feel suffocates by such requests.