Boss Dream Meaning – Top 25 Dreams About Boss

Did you dream about the boss? Bosses in the dream point to the authoritative side of your personality. Consider how you view the boss and the exact interaction with him or her in the dream. Bosses can reflect the feeling and atmosphere of your actual work environment. Or it can reflect how you feel about your career or tasks in general. Below we will not more detailed scenarios for boss dream meanings. 

Table of Content

Dream About Boss Actions

Negative Actions

Boss Dying
To dream about your boss dying or a funeral; suggest that you feel that your boss is making bad and disastrous decisions. You worry that the missteps might eventually impact your department or your entire company. The dead boss corpse suggests that he or she has lost credibility at work.

Boss Scolding and Yelling
To see boss yelling and scolding you indicate your fear of authority. You feel that someone else is running your life. Others are dictating what you can or can not do. And you will suffer the consequences if you do not comply. However, if he is crying and talking, it points to disappointments and layoffs.

Boss Resigning
To see a boss resigning from his or her position; points to a sign of something that you cannot ignore or postpone. Your boss will give up on certain problems. You are on your own to solve your problems. Specifically, the dream foretells that you will be under-equipped to do your job.

Positive Actions

Boss Giving Money
To see the boss giving you money or bonus; foretell something good is coming your way. You will soon receive a promotion or projects that will benefit your paycheck.

Boss Pregnant
To dream that your boss is becoming pregnant; foretell that there will be new policies or “brain child” put in place by your boss. Your manager will create certain rules or routines out of nowhere.