Bathroom Dream Meaning – Top 15 Dreams About Bathroom

Did you dream about the bathroom? The bathroom in dreams signifies your instinctual urges to cleanse and purify yourself. The bathroom in dreams features a place where you can release some of your negative burdens and feelings. However, the bathroom is also a private space that can be hard to use if the condition is incorrect.

Table of Content

To interpret the bathroom dream, consider the context of using the bathroom, your actions, and finally, the condition of each of the bathroom amenities. These can offer subtle yet helpful clues to help you understand bathroom-related dreams.

Dream About Actions Taken Inside a Bathroom

Urination or Poop
The actions you are taking in the dream can refer to your needs in waking life, such as urination or poop. However, if you do not actually need to do so in real life, the action suggests that you need to let go and relieve yourself of burdens and negative emotions.

Washing Your Face or Hands
In general, washing your face or hands with soap suggests that you are going through a phase of renewal and refreshment.

To shower in a bathroom in your dream suggests an end or a beginning point of start another journey. You wash away the dust or sweat that may have gathered on your body so that you can move forward. However, if you attempt to shower or bath with the bathroom sink, it can suggest difficulties with your life situation.

Weighing Yourself or Watching Yourself in Mirror
To weigh yourself or to observe yourself in the mirror inside the bathroom suggests a sense of private assessment of your qualities in the dream. Perhaps after a long day of journey and work, you are assessing yourself. It is a sacred time of personal and private space.