Bandage Dream Meaning – Top 14 Dreams About Bandage

Did you dream about bandages? To dream that you have bandages indicates that you need some time to heal. Something has emotionally wounded you. You will try to cover up your injuries. Keep your hurt hidden from others while recovering yourself. You are trying to avoid irritating your injuries further.

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Dream About Putting on Bandage

Dream About Having and Getting Bandage
Having and getting yourself bandaged up in the dream indicates that you need some relaxation in your life. You might have stressed yourself in waking life. Take some time out to recoup and fight again another time.

Dream About Wearing Bandages
Wear bandages in the dream suggests that someone or something has caused you emotional pain. You are hurting on the inside. However, you will manage to keep a happy and tidy appearance on the outside. Other people will have a hard time truly understanding how much pain you are experiencing.

Dream to Become Bandaged like a Mummy
Seeing someone banding you up in full like a mummy suggests that someone might be overprotecting you. They might be doing everything to keep you from hurt. However, at the same time, he is restricting your movements and freedom. It could also relate to that you are the person who is holding yourself back.

Applying or Putting Bandage on Someone Else
Dreaming that you are applying and wrapping someone else with a bandage foretells that you will spend time repairing issues. You will fix and heal your relationship with that individual.

Dream About Removing Bandage

Dream About Removing Bandages
Dreaming that you are removing bandages indicates that you are ready to attempt again at what has hurt you. You are moving on from mental disappointments in the first place. It could lead to trying to fall in love again. Consider trying specific tests and license again after your initial failures.