Bald Dream Meaning – Top 12 Dreams About Bald

Did you dream about bald? When the dream features some type of baldness, consider how you are perceiving the event and what you are doing about losing hair. Being bald in dream symbolizes humility and exposing parts of yourself that are perhaps personal.

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Dream About Afraid of Getting Baldness

To see yourself suddenly becoming bald and losing hair, and you are concerned about how you look in the dream, points to a lack of self-esteem. You are worried about how other people perceive you. Specifically, the dream points to others perceive how you handle stress particularly, getting bald is a sign that you do not handle pressure well.

Dream About Becoming Bald with Aging

To dream that you are getting balding hair because of older age, is a reminder of your subconscious to accept getting older. Perhaps you need to come to terms with how your body ages, and that you can no longer do certain tasks compared to when you were younger.

Dream About Cutting and Shaving Bald Head

Dreaming that you are intentionally shaving off and cutting hair to be bald, suggests that you are trying to project an impression of fearlessness and confidence. In waking life, you are trying to tell others that you have no weakness and no worries, and that you have everything under control.

Dream About Covering Up Baldness with Wig

To see yourself wearing a wig or fake hair, to cover up baldness, indicates that you are trying hard to cover up your weakness and troubles. Perhaps you have run into certain issues in waking life that triggers doubts and self-confidence issues, but you do not want to show it in public of your insecurities.

Dream About Family Members or Friend Being Bald

To see your family members or friends becoming bald, indicates that he or she disagree with something that you have done. Your actions or ideals are perhaps worrying them and stressing people around you out. Try to approach them and ask them if you could assist or change anything.