Baby Dream Meaning

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What does it mean to dream of a baby? For many people, dreaming of a baby means new developments are about to happen in your life – and no, these dreams do not always mean that a baby is in your future!

Is it possible to dream of a baby and then learn you or someone you know is pregant? Of course it is! However, most of the time these types of dreams are not predictive in nature, but rather a dream to give you deeper insight in current events in your daily waking life.

Common Baby Dream Symbol Meanings

Everyone will have their own associations for what a symbol means when interpreting dreams. However, these are common associations that tend to be accurate for most situations.

New Beginnings

If you see a baby in your dream this could be an indication that something new in your life is about to start. Perhaps it is a new job, project or you will be moving to a new home.

Your Inner Child

Alternatively the baby could represent you inner child and you may be feeling the need to experience more nurturing, care, or affection in waking life.


Dreaming about a baby can symbolize innocence and purity.


Do you feel helpless in a current situation in your life? Do you feel unable to do the things you want to do?

Or, does someone in your regular daily life treat you like you are a baby? Maybe they try to do everything for you or are trying to take control of some aspect in your life. Maybe they make you feel like you are inferior to them.

Caring & Nurturing

Lastly, if you dream of caring for a baby this may symbolize your desire to have a baby or something to care for in your life. You may be looking for something new to direct and focus your energy into.

Ask yourself, is there someone or something that you want to care for?

Other Related Dream Symbols to Baby

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Did you have a dream about a baby that you would like to share? Tell us your experiences and what you think the dream might have meant in the comments section below!

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