Arrow Dream Meaning – Top 18 Dreams About Arrows

Did you dream about arrows? Arrow in dreams represents energy and process that leads to the target that you are reaching for. You are setting goals and you know the exact action you to reach that destination or target. Consider how you are using and the type of arrow in the dream to get detailed clues.

Table of Content

Shooting an Arrow

To dream that you are shooting an arrow is different from shooting a gun, points to an expectation that you will succeed and hit the target. You are singling something or someone out, and that once you start to act, you will not stop until you hit your target. You are going straight to the core of the issues or problems.

Arrow Fail to Launch
To dream about arrows fail to launch or missing targets, represents failure in moving towards your goals. You do not exhibit enough drive, energy, or power for a proper setup. Consider revisiting your foundations or motivations. You are missing your mark before you even started.

Bow and Arrow Breaking
To dream about bow and arrow breaking, symbolizes disappointments and severed relationships. You are changing your mind about cooperating with others to accomplish your goals. Perhaps you have hit certain obstacles and you are giving up altogether.

Flaming Arrow on Fire
To dream about flaming arrows on fire, is a reminder to be more mindful of your influence and impact. As you are approaching your goals, you could set off something bigger like a forest fire or castle fire. Be prepared for major changes once you accomplish your goal.

Observing Arrows

Arrow Pointing in a Direction
To see an arrow points to a direction like in a compass, points to certain ways out towards your decisions. Pay attention to what it points to in the dream, as it will be able to help you solve your problem and get out of the maze.