Arms Dreams Meaning

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Dreaming of arms can have a number of different interpretations and meanings. Our arms are used in a number of ways – we can hug others, hold something, and raise or lower them to signify something important.

arms-dream-meaningTo interpret this dream symbol, think about what the arms are doing and why you remember this symbol – there is a reason why arms were something that caught your attention in your dream!

Here are some of the possible dream symbol meanings for arms:

If the dream is of open arms, it could indicate inviting something or somebody brand new into our lives with a positive attitude.

If the arms are raised up in the air, it could mean your feelings or thoughts are being “held up” in some way – perhaps there are delays in your life.

It could also mean giving up and surrendering to something that may be out of your control. You may feel pressured by a force or entity that is more powerful than you or going through a power struggle with someone.

If you dream of your ams being chained behind you, such as in the event of an arrest, it could signify a loss of power or a form of constraint in some way in your life.

Arms full of things could mean that you feel overwhelmed with responsibilities from your job,  or that you have many obligations. The tasks you are doing may cause you to feel as if there is nothing left you can “hold” or “carry”.  The term “the weight of the world on your shoulders” also comes to mind.

Empty arms may signify you feel as if you aren’t feeling fulfilled by your present work or life circumstances.

Using your arms to lift heavy weights or to do some type of heavy lifting work can mean that you feel a lot of responsibilities.

A broken arm in a dream could mean you feel powerless, unable to control a situation.

Have any dreams where arms were a key focus point of the dream you remember? Share your dream experiences below!

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