Apricot Dream Meaning – Top 5 Dreams About Apricots

Did you dream about the apricot? Apricots in the dreams suggest that hidden truths lie behind the surface. Something is not what it seems with your first impression. Try to look deeper into the situation. Avoid relying on the first shallow intuitions. Learn more dream interpretations about apricot here.

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Dream About Eating Apricot

Eating apricots fruits by themselves suggest that you are approaching the onset of an unfortunate or unpleasant situation. At first, the situation may not look negative when you approach it. But you may become increasingly unhappy about your circumstances.

If a part of a dessert such as pie or cake includes the Apricot, someone intentionally hides the facts. You will eventually land yourself in unpleasant scenarios.

Dream About Apricot Tree or Orchard

A blooming apricot tree or orchard in the dream suggests that you are not connected with reality. You may envision some form of rosy future. It may lead to disastrous results. It would help if you thought twice about entering any deals or business dealings, especially if they appear too good to be true. Hidden dangers and disappointments lie beneath the beautiful picture.

To plant an apricot tree suggests that you or your partner may become pregnant with a baby girl.

Dream About Dealing with Apricots

Buying and selling apricots can suggest some form of business dealings. One side might take advantage of another side. If you sell apricots in your dream, it can suggest that you will be able to sell some items at a profit. In this case, the buyer will lose out. Likewise, think twice if you buy an apricot in the dream. Be careful about any future contracts that you enter; you may be getting a bitter deal.