Alien or UFO Dream Meaning

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Did you dream of an alien or ufo? Learn what dreaming about aliens might mean as a dream symbol – or how to know whether an alien is trying to communicate with you.

alien dream meaning

Alien or UFO Dream Meaning

Learning about the symbolism of an alien in a dream can be helpful for your to understand what your dream is about.

What Does it Mean to Dream About an Alien?

A Sign for Something Unknown:

To see an alien in your dream shows that you have actually experienced part of your own psyche which is unknown to you. You may feel that this ‘unfamiliar’ part of yourself is hostile or an opponent.

It is important to remember that every character featured in or dreams is just a representative of the different parts of ourselves. Ask yourself what part of you this alien could represent.

Your primary step ought to be to get to know this overlooked facet of yourself on your own. As an example, you might be behaving in ways which are ‘alien’ to you or have sensations that are ‘unlike you’. It is undesirable to repress or neglect these parts of your nature.

Because of its unfamiliarity may in time become a mentor and also ally, what at very first appears as frightening. This alter-ego might have something good to supply you.

Feeling Like an Outsider:

Sometimes, we may associate aliens with being something that doesn’t belong. The alien may stand for a situation you have actually recently experienced. When we start a new work we might in the beginning feel ‘pushed away’ or you may really feel that you resemble an outsider.


UFO Dream Meaning

If you see a UFO in your dream, fortunately, this does not mean that you are at risk of getting abducted by space aliens.

It more likely represents a new relationship, job, or situation that you are faced with and may be feeling apprehensive about. Enter into this new area of your life with caution, and trust your own judgement and intuition regarding the situation.

Do you feel like something is “out of this world” in your current life? It may mean you are feeling like you need to connect with the physical world around you. You may also be wishing to explore unfamiliar territory with something in your life.

Are Aliens Real? Can Aliens Communicate With You in Your Dreams?

Whether or not aliens are real is probably a discussion best left for another time. There is no way to really explain things about aliens and lifeforms on other planets. Some people very much believe that aliens are real – others believe that aliens may actually be a spirit or type of ghost or even a type of demon in a dream.

If you are dreaming of an alien, you may wonder if the alien is some form of spirit trying to communicate with you. Spirit does, can and will communicate with us in our dreams, but it is important for us to stay grounded in reality: aliens are not believed to be real by the majority of most people.

Talking about aliens as if they are real is not encouraged because often times people do not fully understand the mysteries of cosmic beings or even believe it is possible to communicate with spirits.

If you are concerned about thoughts you have or if aliens are telling you to do something which may harm yourself or others, you may wish to also seek the help of a professional. Certain medications or medical conditions can cause these types of experiences, and it is important to be evaluated by a professional to rule out any underlying medical causes if it appears you are dreaming about real aliens communicating with you.

If you do find yourself chatting up with an alien in spirit form in your dream, you may be wondering whether this is normal or what to expect.

Some aliens in spirit form may also be here to give you some insight and information about your own cosmic origins and past. For example, if you are a star seed who had a past life on a different planet or alternate universe, these aliens may be communicating with you as helpful ancestors to connect you with your own past or to help you develop your spiritual gifts.

However, be careful – not all spirits are good to communicate with! It may be of interest to you to learn more about this alien’s true motives – why do they want to communicate with you? While it is possible to communicate with spirits of any type of life form – not all spirits are friendly or helpful. Most spirits are not trying to harm you, but they may have ulterior motives.

It is important to set healthy boundaries when you are opening up yourself to communicate with spirits and protect your energy at all times.

Do you have any thoughts about aliens in your dreams? Tell us your experiences in the comments below.

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