Alcohol Dream Meaning – Top 20 Dreams About Drinking Alcohol and Liquor

Did you dream about alcohol? It denotes contentment and satisfaction that you have made in the past, regardless of its success or failures. Depending on the context and your interaction with alcohol in the dream, you could get better understanding of how you are feeling and doing in waking life.

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Dream About Drinking and Having Alcohol

To drink alcohol, is a sign that you need for spiritual enrichment. Perhaps you are at a break of your career and life, you need some time off to rethink about your progress and spiritual enrichment. The alcohol can enhance your feelings of celebration in times of success, and depression in times of great failures.

Dream About Smuggling or Stealing Alcohol

Dreaming that you are stealing and smuggling alcohol or liquor, indicates that you will use improper means to profit off unethical products or method. You will come up with certain excuses to justify your actions, however, the dream foretells that you will soon waste away your ill gotten gains.

Dream About Serving Alcohol

Serving alcohol to others at a bar within the dream, indicates that you wish to hear and listen to other people’s true feelings without inhibition. You are seeking ways to get other people to open up their secrets to you.

Dream About Selling Alcohol

To sell alcohol or liquor drinks in the dream, suggests that you will become an adviser and important enabler for your clients. You are likely to be in a situation where you could generate the most profit when your clients make the wrong decisions. Consider to spend more effort to look out for your clients best interest, as repeated customers are likely to bring you longer term success.

Dream About Brewing Alcohol

To brew alcohol in the dream, indicates that you will look for homemade methods to solve your problems. Be careful about how you are approaching the issues, as you could make things much worse if you do not control the environmental factors well. You might end up with solutions that could seriously damage your well being.