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Welcome to the best dreams dictionary on the internet. On Meaning of Dreams you can learn and understand your dreams keep it noted and analyze them all from one place . We strive to help you find the key to discovering and interpreting the meaning of your dreams. By understanding your dreams, you will get a clearer view of your personal relationships, an uncensored view of your true feelings, and a better view of life’s problems.

We understand that your dreams are unique. No one else can have your personal past, feelings or experiences. So your dreams can only be linked to your own “reality”. With this in mind, it’s important to rely on your personal life and experiences when interpreting sleep.

Understanding dreams can unite body, mind and soul. It gives you ideas about yourself and a means to explore yourself further. You will gain a better understanding and discovery of your true self. Find out the spiritual meaning of dreams a-z and uncommon dreams and their meanings.

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Ever wonder why you dream the things that you do? Or if there’s meaning behind those dreams that seem so random and nonsensical. We can help! Share your dreams with the community and together find the meaning of your dreams.

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The Meaning of Dreams website helps you find the meaning and interpretation to your dreams. We provide a free online dream dictionary with thousands of words and phrases for all types of people, including kids, teens, adults and seniors. Our database has over 3500 meanings in English, Spanish and French languages.

Don’t ignore your dreams, in them your soul is awake and you are your true self.

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What your dreams are telling you?

Dreaming of a loved one that passed away is common. The meaning of this dream may be to give you the opportunity to say goodbye or to prepare for your own death.

Dreams about a loved one will deal with an old memory, especially if there is a deceased person in the family. If you dream about your grandmother dying and it makes you sad, this means that you haven’t really accepted it . It’s great news for those who had been looking forward to seeing her again because now they can do it!

In general though, sleeping dreams are symbols of things we don’t want to confront during our waking life. They help us resolve issues without experiencing them directly as would happen if they were real events. This can be done through the process of assimilation meaning that they are incorporated into our lives in an indirect way, or by projecting meaning that they are experienced as if real but not really.

Dreams allow us to experiment with possible outcomes in a non-consequential way. If you dream you were cheating on your partner it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re having thoughts about doing it. It may reveal something in your waking life that is making you feel guilty though, or you might fear being caught out meaning that this anxiety is projected onto the dream.

The meaning of dreams can be found when you remember them and analyze what happened recently in your waking life and compare this with what the dream was trying to tell you about yourself and your current situation.