10 Things you did in your dreams that have significance in reality

A dream can sometimes feel so real that you are convinced when you wake up the events of the night were genuine. We always hear about people recounting their dreams in detail to friends, but do they know more than we think? It might seem odd, but there are actually a lot of things taking place during our slumbers that have significance in reality.

Here are ten things that happen in your dreams that may have significance in waking life:

1)  You’re missing an appointment or forgetting something important – not only is this very common for most people, it is believed to be a sign of anxiety surrounding the issue at hand. The subconscious is trying to tell you something- are you listening?

2)  Your teeth fall out or dreams of teeth falling out could be a metaphor for disappointment- especially if you are facing difficulties at work or school that may affect your future.

3)  Being vulnerable, embarrassed or feeling inferior to another person in dreams is usually your mind telling you that you need to work on self confidence and respecting yourself more. If you’re too hard on yourself it can lead to negative dreams like this.

4)  People giving you weird looks in dreams – this could mean something embarrassing happened recently; whether it’s an awkward encounter with someone or maybe you did/said something thoughtless. There is definitely some connection here!

5)  Forgetting the details of a dream right after waking up occurs when there isn’t enough time to process information and the conscious mind hasn’t had enough time to remember dreams.

6)  Dreaming of food is most often about your emotions; they may be telling you that you are hungry for something- love, attention etc… This is why dreams where people treat you like a princess or make you feel like a celebrity don’t happen too often it’s just not how dreams work.

7)  Being chased in dreams is another common dream theme that has two meanings: It could be that we feel as though we’re being pursued by some issue and our anxiety and stress levels are rising as a result, or perhaps we’re feeling guilty about someone chasing after us because we need to resolve an issue with them.

8)  Shouting dreams can be a sign that you are feeling quite angry or emotional about something. This is even more amplified if your dreams involve yelling at other people- this reflects control issues and how you subconsciously view the world.

9)  Dreaming of someone who recently passed away can occur when certain ‘triggers’ remind us of things associated with that person, which then brings up unresolved feelings surrounding their death. The dreams may also be reflective of different stages in our lives when we had close ties to them or simply enjoyed spending time together. These dreams are comforting rather than haunting, so don’t feel guilty for enjoying them!

10)  People in dreams can represent traits within ourselves, so dreaming about someone you know personally can be a sign that you need to work on your own behavior and thinking. For example, dreams about people who are bossy or self-centered could mean that you are worried about standing up for yourself. It’s also possible that aspects of their personality are reflecting yours too so try taking some time out to think about what you admire in this person.

These dreams mentioned above do not necessarily have significant meaning to everyone, but it might be helpful knowing what others think they may mean, especially if the dreams tend to reoccur often. If you’re still unsure why you had any dreams in particular, ask yourself how these dreams make you feel – there is probably something important within them that will help guide toward understanding your subconscious mind.

Just remember dreams are there to help you sleep better, don’t over-analyze them! If they’re always negative dreams that leave you with a heavy heart just ignore dreams altogether and move on. The more attention dreams get the more attention they will continue to have. Also keep in mind dreams are not supposed to be ‘real’ or realistic so if dreams are indeed your reality, maybe it is time to seek out professional advice 😉

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